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Camshaft break in

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Hi andré just a quick question about camshaft run ins.. When we first got out 265 hemi fired up and running we set the holley on high idle about 3000rpm for 10 minutes to wear the cam in. Was this the correct procedure? Also took it for a half hour drive on the highway once we had ran in the cam. Kept revs up and minimal idling. Gave it a bit of throttle whacks now an again but not full on flogging it.

If you're running a flat tappet cam then this does require a specific break in process which is usually detailed by the manufacturer. This requires a high initial engine rpm (around 3000) and then a progressive change in rpm between 1500-3000 rpm over the first 15-20 minutes of use. A roller cam isn't quite as fussy about the break in process since there's less friction.