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Fun fact about checking thrust clearance on SR20DET

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I am in the process of building a SR20DET engine for my 350Z. I purchased a magnetic dial indicator stand from Harbor Freight the other day to use with my mitutoyo dial indicator to check thrust bearing clearances and cam timing, etc. Obviously the SR20 is an aluminum blocked engine and can't use the magnet on the block. Usually you could accomplish this by having the magnet attach to the engine stand or making a plate that you can temporarily bolt into place. I didn't feel like adjusting the engine on the stand to use the stand itself nor did I feel like making a steel plate. Instead I was curious if the indicator would thread into an existing hole in the block. So I removed the stand from the magnetic base and attempted to thread it into one of the water pump holes AND IT WORKED!! I was so excited I figured I would share with everyone.

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That's an interesting find Kevin! Thanks for sharing.