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Do you guys recommend any websites or do I have to speak directly with Honda for these measurements? I was thinking of a K20 build with turbo but now I am leaning more towards the K24, it makes sense for it to have more clearance but I would like to actually see the measurements of the deck heights and different cranks. Since I don’t have access to measure these myself before I choose. Plus I have to take in consideration engine bay space too. I’m building a 1993 Honda del Sol.

The factory workshop manuals have the measurements needed for rebuilding an engine.

Do you mean the possible difference in block height between the two engines, since there is a different stroke, in case there is a problem with bonnet (hood) clearance, or manifolds and distributor since they're going to be slightly higher?

If so, yes, the K24 has a taller block - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_K_engine - 19.5mm, or slightly over 3/4". I understand several of these conversions have been done previously, you may find something on-line. However, I also understand some of the engine options were B series and the engine-gearbox sides were the reverse of the K series used on other vehicles. If you should have a B series engine, it may be a better idea to build that, but I don't know how hard/easy the full swap will be - might slot right in with a change of mounts, might need fabrication work, will need the gearbox and maybe driveshafts sorted, etc..

If you mean something else, could you please clarify that?

NOTE, not a Honda guy, so strongly recommend you do some careful checking on-line for this specific conversion.