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is 6% water in my e85 mix acceptable ?

Depending on the ethanol quality 3 to 7 percent of water presence is normal.

It isn't that far off 'normal', what may be more important is the consistency as 6% in one batch and 1% in another may significantly affect the fuelling if one was pushing for the last little bit of performance.

Yes, you are right - I should have said "common" instead of "normal".

Thanks guys. The water content should be a consistent. The plan is to make e85 for my car and the plant that makes it told me that their alcohol has about 5% water. When I buy from them they will tell me exactly what amount it has. Next question is. Is the ethanol that's use to make rum the same that can be used as fuel? I am assuming it is

I'm not sure what is available in your area but i'm buying best quality ethanol spirit that is originally used for blending high quality vodka ... That is why people think i'm stupid - just wasting so much 1st class boose from their point of view))

Yes the ethanol that I have access too is used to make rum. So I was wondering if it was good for cars too.