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GTR Ecutek Flex Fuel

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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I’m currently tuning a GTR and I made 593whp but I am trying to squeeze a little more out of it. So I see that I’m running a little lean. When using the target afr addition Max map. When the #’s are positive am I leaning out or am richening the Blend on the map. I’m a little lost because the afr is 13.2 but the fuel trim is at 92 now to bring the fuel trim to a 100 I have to take out fuel and wouldn’t that make my afr leaner, which I don’t want. What you suggest I do? I purchased that flex fuel modules but that’s not helping.

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the screenshot you posted doesn't show much. It appears to be something from your phone. Give us PC screenshots of all your main fuel tables and flex fuel settings. Post the .PDF files or whatever documentation you have on how the ECUtek flex fuel system works.

You can clearly see it’s the blend tables for the fuel/afr. Do you have experience with Ecutek? I was hoping to talk to someone who had experience with Ecutek.

I was helping a guy with Nistune just the other day. And then there's TunerPro, and Cobb, etc etc. This isn't a platform specific tuning forum so you're going to have to work with what you have. There are only so many ways to shoehorn flexfuel into a stock ECU.

Anyway, it would be very helpful to see all your relevant tables. There are lots of functions that affect your AFR's, such as the MAF scaling, injector size constant, deadtime compensation, throttle based airflow compensation, ethanol calculation. The more information you provide the better the response you are going to get. So that means clearly formatted screenshots of all your tables that are important to the topic, description of how the system works, and datalogs in an Excel importable format (.csv etc).

Okay Thank You I’ve made some adjustments to MAF scaling, If that doesn’t work out for me I’ll get those maps uploaded Thank You

Hey Vernel, I'm happy to try and help you out but we will need some logs and proper screenshots to be able to offer much. The MAF scaling has a major effect on AFR however this shouldn't be changed as you transition from pump gas to E85. Essentially if the MAF is reporting an accurate airflow value then it doesn't need to be touched.

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