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02 wideband sensor with tunerstudios

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im running a AEM wide band x-series uego gauge and 02 sensor in the lambda setting table in tunerstudios for the afr it will only read in volts but if i change the ego 02 settings to a Innovate sensor i can get the table to change to afr readings i do have a table in the AEM book that gives me the scaling table from volts to lambda to afr so should i just use that and leave table as volts or change it so i can read table as afr



Can you upload any screenshot?

Lambda setting is dont under Tools / calibrate afr table.

If you have values you can set it custom and fill with the values you have.

In project properties you can select to see value in lambda or in afr. Probably is another option so see the value in voltage into project properties, am not now on the laptop sorry