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1990 Z32 300ZX Primary Trigger Settings

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Hello all, I am setting up an ECUMaster EMU Black for my 1990 Z32 300zx Twinturbo (VG30DETT). Surprisingly I'm not finding much info on setting up my CAS Primary Trigger. ECUMaster does not have a base map for my engine.

From what I can tell it uses the 360 window CAS wheel. Can anyone advise on setting my First Trigger Tooth and Trigger Angle settings?


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Hey I'm sorry I can help you with this I don't know but I did notice a post you made about using your HP eletronik PDM to run power windows. I'm curious how much you like the HP and if you wired directly to the windows?


I have very little experience with that ECU, so I apologize in advance if this is not correct, but I want to try to help.

I believe you'd want Nissan Trigger, falling, 6 cylinder, (greyed out but 360 teeth gets converted to 60 teeth on this ECU), then you get to the items you're asking about.

Based on ECUMaster in application documentation the trigger angle seems to be the offset in degrees from the location of the first trigger tooth, to TDC #1 cylinder on the compression stroke. What's not clear to me is whether it wants a count based on 360 teeth or the converted 60 teeth. I have to guess so I'll say based on the converted 60 teeth, and you want a tooth count that gets you about 50-60 degrees before TDC.

If we decide to choose a 1st tooth count based on a total tooth count of 60, then we do 360 degrees / 60 teeth is 6 degrees per tooth.

Then to select which tooth to use I figure 9 x 6 is 54 so the 9th tooth before TDC should be in that 50-60 degree window before TDC that we want. This gives the ECU a position reading soon before spark, but not too close.

Based on that I'd put 9 in the first trigger tooth setting, 54 degrees in trigger angle.

Then I would disable fuel, lock ignition timing (check ignition angle lock box), set locked angle to match the angle you have a good timing mark for on the engine to check against your timing light, perhaps 0 or 10 degrees (I don't recall on that engine), enable scope, crank the engine, see if the scope trace looks good, see if a timing light is hitting the timing mark you've selected when hooked to the #1 cylinder, then tweak only the trigger angle setting if required. I'd expect it would need adjusted 0-5 degrees one direction or the other if the system works as I'm guessing it does based on the documentation.

If the timing light shows way off the mark, it's possible the first trigger tooth value is based on the actual 360 teeth and not the converted 60 teeth this ECU uses, in which case first trigger tooth could be set to 54 rather than 9.

Again I hope this helps, and I'm sorry if I send you off in the wrong direction, but this is what makes sense to me based on the limited info in the in application documentation. Please let us know how it goes.

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