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2 Injectors on same output

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Hello anyone know if the AEM Infinity 506 support 2 high impedance injectors in the same output? I know some ecus accept that with no issues, but I didn't find any information about the Infiny 506 injectors drive.


You will need to contact them directly* - there is nothing on their site regarding the current limits (that I could find) for the injectoroutputs/grounds.

Make a note of the injector(s) you are planning to use, and any current and/or voltage data you can find on them, before the call as they may not have that info' to hand, and it makes it more likely you'll get a response.

*Unless someone can provide personal experience with them?

Just for a try, you could wire them in series and test if they, and the ecu, can handle that high impedance.

At least, no danger of damaging anything.

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