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AEM FIC6, on 1FZFE, sea level altitude and too long cranking

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Toyota 1FZFE engine, with TurboCharger and AEM FIC6 Piggy back and bigger injectors

this engine has only MAP sensor and no oxygen sensor(it is stock situation nothing changed)

in our City elevation is about 1200m every things fine, but when travel to sea level, situation change:

A- very long cranking

B- seems full boost rpm changed and some uncomfort driving

can you help what is solution for different altitude?

To properly address altitude related tuning issues you're really best to add a barometric air pressure sensor so that you can use this to manipulate the fuel delivery as required. I wouldn't have expected a significant change across an altitude change of only 1200 metres though to be honest. The first thing to do is actually measure the air fuel ratio to see what is changing. I'm also not sure if you'll have the level of control you really need with the FIC6.

Hello Andre

your point is FIC6 has not enough control and ability?

at 1200m, all fine, idle AFR is about 15 and higher load and boost go to about 12

i changed Injectors to bigger size(450cc) and maximum boost is 7.5psi, with cast iron turbo manifold, and water methanol injection

Attached can see fuel and ignition map by FIC6

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