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AEM infinity 5 Lambda3 and 4 via CAN to AIM MXL2

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The Setup


AEM Infinity5 (was 6h)

2 AEM uego controllers one connected to pin 74, and one to Pin 75. both 0-5v.

CAN to AIM MXL2 dash.


AEM infinity tuner. setup wizard>lambda control>advanced options

- lambda feedback 1 and 2 set to use lambda 3 and 4 as source input.

Need: Display Lambda 3 and Lambda 4 on AIM Dash.

Problem: AEM only outputs Lambda 1 and 2 via can to the MXL2 dash... No parameter listed in the MXL2 for Lambda 3 and 4.

Will AEM send the 3 and 4 lambda to the CAN AS Lambda 1 and 2? or is the CAN lambda 1 and 2 only available if using the internal controllers, and Lambda 3-4 is not available via CAN?

Thanks for any advice


That's a little beyond my level of experience with the Infinity unfortunately so I'll pass it on to one of my contacts at AEM and see if I can get you an answer. One downside with the AIM dashes is that their CAN templates aren't end user configurable so you can't add unsupported parameters. I'd guess at this stage that the Infinity will only send Lambda 1 & 2 so you're a little stuck.

Let me see what I can find out for you.

So I called AEM... they say that they publish Lambda 3 and 4 on the Can Bus.. so AIM MXL2 should have it available.

Called AIM they said they developed the interface with AEM and that AEM never provided the CAN template to include Lambda3 and 4. AIM is contacting AEM to see if there is a workaround or a way of including these in a CAN template in an upcoming release of AIM race studio software.

so a bit of stuck in the middle at this time.



Here's the reply I got from Henry at AEM:

That’s a good question; currently our AEM Infinity CAN transmit stream is fixed and not adjustable but I do have a solution.

The MXL2 has some channels that carried over from our older system.

MXL2 channel label Infinity Analog input Name

ADCR13 Analog10 [V] Pin 75

ADCR14 Analog11 [V] Pin 74

I believe you should be able to create a math channel on the RaceStudio side since the data will be brought over via 0-5v.

You should be able to get the 0-5v scaling from the manufacture of the external wideband controller. Apply that math to channels “ADCR13” and “ADCR14” and you should get something meaningful other than 0-5 volts.

Now; I know this isn’t a permanent solution and a user configurable Infinity Tuner CAN interface will be in our future but it’s not yet ready. So for the time being we will need to use the current “fixed” channel list. I’ve attached our current AEM CAN definition file so that you can see which channel we do support *note* The first 4 message ID’s are carry over channels from our OLD system.

Best of luck,

Attached Files

Thanks for tracking this!

GAHHH... Time to re-pin my connector A/D channel 10 on pin C75 is not available via CAN. at least channel 11 is available. Probably move to channel 16 on pin 71.

wait never mind.. pin 75 will work.. didn't read your message correctly.. woot woot!

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