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Air temp sensor signal emulation - Link Kurofune - 2JZGTE VVTI

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Hi there, I am just wiring in my Kurofune into a JZS161 Aristo (2JZGTE VVTI). I would like to use the AN Temp input in the Link to receive the stock IAT signal and use the Analog out to emulate this signal to the stock ECU so that I can remove the stock MAF sensor (which has the IAT integrated into it). My question is, can the Analog out emulate a temp signal? I ask as the stock ECU signal circuit probably has a pull-up resistor and I am not sure if connecting a Analog output from the Link ecu to the oem ecu's air temp signal would work.

Analog Outputs are voltage outputs with a range of 0 - 5 Volts.

Link G4+ Kurofune has 4 analog outputs capable of driving 10mA continuously with an output impedance of 100 ohms. The desired output voltage is specified in a 3D table.

so no i don't think it will be able to do what you are wanting to do

Regards ross

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