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Apexi power Fc's

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Just wondered if any of you have any tips for mapping using the power fc, datalogit, lm2 wideband and a phormula ks4?

I deal with Nissan Sr20's engines mainly. Am I right in thinking there is less to do on the L-jetro ecu's than the D-jetro versions as it switches to a map rather than a maf.

Thanks in advance

What specifically did you want to know? The Power FC is still a great ECU and you can achieve excellent results. The L-Jetro version is MAF based, while the D-Jetro is MAP based. You definitely need the FC Datalogit software for mapping as the hand controller is awkward, slow and inaccurate.

The built in knock detection on the Power FC is also pretty good. i suggest using your phormula ks4 to confirm the knock detection in the Power FC is working and then you know you can rely on it. One really nice feature is the ability for the Power FC to flash the CEL if knock is detected.

It was just a general wondering if there was anything in particular with these ecu's. I have all the equipment already and undertaking a road map later this week. I have found that once tuned it is advisable to turn of the original narrow band otherwise it will mess with the map, is this true?

I've had mixed results with the factory narrowband O2 control. In most cases I actually find that it works quite well. It won't alter your actual map, but rather applies a STFT to target lambda 1.00 in closed loop. It will only do this at idle and cruise so don't worry about it throwing out your WOT tuning. Basically I suggest tuning the map and then enabling closed loop and watching how well it controls the AFR. If you see the AFR oscillating wildly then disable it. As a side note, make sure that O2 control is disabled while tuning.

Also if you are tuning an L-Jetro model there are preconfigured options for different MAF sensors. Make sure before you start that you have the correct MAF sensor option chosen or you will be wasting your time.

Thanks for the replies guys it all helps! The model I'm doing later this week is a d jetro version on an nissan s14 sr20det. Is there anything in particular to look for on that type of power fc?

With the D-Jetro unit you need to make sure that the configuration for your MAP sensor is correct. That's probably the most critical part of the setup. In many ways it's similar to making sure the right MAF scaling is selected.

It's an original apexi map would that need setting differently? Would you know the method of determining the scale to make sure it is right?

Again thanks for the insight

Andre is saying firstly make sure the MAP sensor is calibrated correctly, that means when the Apexi is registering a certain pressure that is is actually the right pressure. Then you need to scale the tables to get the correct resolution to ensure an accurate tune.

Will you be using the hand controller to tune?

I have the datalogit box for the map to reduce tuning time.

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