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ARM 4CH UEGO connection to EMTRON KV8

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Hi Guys,

I have never connected a CAN device and wondered if anyone can explain how I go about connecting this system... wires and connectors have been run to ecu but I do not understand how to connect and make the ARM protocol communicate with my ecu???

So firstly where do I connect my AEM wires to the ecu?? CAN HI/LO??? then what is expected to get them both communicating.

Many thanks for any help you guys can give.

Please see attachments

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CAN+ to CAN1 H (or CAN2 H)

CAN- to CAN1 L (or CAN2 L)

Then, in your ECU, you will have to configure the can protocol (APPENDIX A / page 19 in the instruction manual)

Thanks that's the reassurance I was after :)

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