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Barra drag car,fuel inj and HP tuner???

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Hello everyone, I am hoping someone could help me make sense of setting up the OEM ecu with HP tuner after changes like walbro 460 fuel pump 650cc 60lb injectors,am using a XR6T/F6 4.0bar fuel reg and rail,2.0 bar MAP sensor and have a standard ecu from a BA 182 with external W/G,have had it running but can not get it to idle and am confused as to what to change etc as this is working in g/s and Hg etc which is not helping,if anyone can give me a rundown on what I need to play with concerning idle and basic fuel flow I'd be very grateful.

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On my phone so I can't view the file, but did you enter the injector data supplied from the manufacturer?

Is the ecu a factory turbo computer? Have you turned turbo logic on?

Hi Ben, no it's a non turbo ecu and haven't turned on turbo logic yet,I've left the wastegate off for now till I get the injectors working properly.

This is the data that I got with the injectors but am unsure of what I'm needing to change. Like should I change from grams per second to something else?

Is it flow rate low

Flow rate high

Then breakpoint and PW minimum?

Not sure if there's anything missing from the injector data tables or whether my brain is not understanding it.

P.s put the wrong pic file in yesterday

Pics of injector data included.

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There's a third page which by itself means nothing but I assume that it's like this.

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Hi Guys, could some one have a look at my tune file regarding fuel flow, breakpoint and minimum pulse width and tell me if I'm on the right track or way off which is far more likely, I suffer from a brain condition that has always caused me problems with learning stuff like this and constant headaches etc...but am trying to deal with it but definitely need some guidance.

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Sorry, outside my experience, but are you SURE you don't really need a turbo' ECU, etc?

If you can afford it, HALTECH have direct replacment ECUs, and wiring harnesses if required, for anything you're wanting to do with the engine and, if it's an auto', an integrated controller for that as well.

Might be a better move in the long run - you'd be surprised just how much time and expense making something 'cheaper' work.

You can use non turbo ECU but you need to turn turbo logic on. This rescales the map sensor for 2.5 bar, it's not just for boost control. Try that first with your current fuel data.

Turned on turbo logic and reflashed and instantly it was different started with no throttle and idles for a short period before it starts surging and seems really rich with a bit of white smoke,this is still minus the wastegate thou/not sure if that is relevant/is this due to the bigger fuel pump or more likely still the injector data needs attention?

P.s I went back to the original n/a fuel values not the one in the above HPT file.

What do you mean "fuel values"? Do you mean your base fuel map or all the injector data? You'll need to use your new injector data. Base fuel map should be close enough to get it going.

It'll be fine without the wastegate wiring there also.