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Base settings for a mazworks trigger kit into emu black

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Hi guys hope everyone is well.

So i am trying to help a customer of mine out getting his sr2odet ve conversion running.

I have built the engine loom for him and thats all fine.

He runs the mazworks trigger kit, im trying to give him some settings to get triggers correct. But failing miserably.

Car is not with me. Im not a mapper but also not stupid. I have done similar things on link with no issue.

Ive attached his current signal outputs and settings.

Im sure people are familiar with the mazworks trigger kits. Sensor mounted to 90° btdc. Misssing tooth at tdc is at 12 oclock.

We have spark and fuel. Fires out inlet. Have tried changes and the settings i think should be right the ecu says i cant input.

Any info help would be much appreciated. I could well be being quite stupid and missing something.

Ty in advance

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