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Base tune-Very lean idle on supercharged Toyota 86

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I am having trouble trying to figure out why my idle AFR is so lean (around 19:1) on my base tune. I have a kraftwerks supercharger kit with the c30 blower, stock maf, stock map sensor, and using ECUTEK. I have followed Andre's practical course using and copied over his tables. I also looked through ECUTEK's tuning guide to see if I missed something. Any help appreciated.

Share your Datalog and your tune file if you don’t mind?

Since the engine is actually idling, that isn't the true AFR.

You may have selected the wrong LAMBDA sender type, have a faulty lambda sender, have an exhaust leak (yes, air can be drawn in by low pressure pulses), have a misfire, or some other issue(s).

I consider a base tune just enough to get the engine running so you can tune it. Why don't you tune it.