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Buying my 1st dyno questions

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Looking at buying my 1st dyno and have a few questions.

10plus years in the motor trade so have a good understanding of how it all works.

So far my tuning experience has been on my Mates cars and my own race car, microtech now Haltech Nexus R5,

We carry out all the wiring, ecu programming, start up ect right up until a dyno is needed.

Then after dyno we finish the rest at the track. Plus looking at data logging to make adjustments where needed.

I would have dynoed my own car but there are no dynos to hire anywhere close by so just take it to a tuner.

So this leads me to buying my own dyno so we can do it all ourselves. Iv had a love for tuning for a while now so thought id like

to dive into the industry while Im still working and can slowly grow. I have a wide range of cars we play with atm from speedway, methanol V8s through to turbo drift cars and track cars ect.

Hub Dyno VS rolling road?

Iv found a 4wd rolling road running not sure if these specs are good or bad?

Torque pormance with Maha sun beds (thoughts on this)?

Brake system is Telma cc160 eddy current brake x2 (thoughts on this)

Software is, sports device SP6 data acquisition with 2x sports high speed power supplys (again thoughts on this)

Plus the Motec o2 wideband controller, ramps and fans.

All this is 60k

Hub Dyno

I can get a 2wd dynapack for 70k. but have seen mixed reviews on this.

Checked into mainline hub dynos and as awsome as they are it is expensive to get a new one.

Am I best to look at the rolling road? Will this get me started and if need be upgrade when the time comes?

Will this rolling road give me a good chance at steady state tuning?

Will a rolling road give a tune just as good as a hub dyno providing your not in big HP/torque range where rolling road is struggling for grip.

Any inputs to dynos or entering the industry will be greatly appreciated.



Where are you based, Sam, there may be people close to you you're unaware have a dyno'?

If mainline system cost too much I think they did control systems for other retarder/beds, their software/data integration is good.

Hi Sam, I've gone through the full range of dynos so I'm probably in a good position to comment. I started with a 4wd dynapack and I'd have to say it's a great choice as long as you're not tuning high power/torque engines. The torque limit is a problem for high horsepower cars and the red screen of death gets tired real quick. It's not actually horsepower that's the issue though, it's torque, and more specifically torque at the hubs so even a moderate power engine can over torque the dyno with a short final drive and an auto transmission. If that's not an issue for you then they are excellent, very repeatable and offer fast and accurate speed control.

We then moved to a 4WD rolling road although this was mainline, not torque performance. I found the rolling road had a lot more variation run to run and also variation based on how the car was strapped down. On anything with reasonable power, and particularly for low cars, a rolling road is actually quite time consuming to strap the car down. I haven't used the torque performance software but they're quite common here in NZ and I assume still well supported. As long as you're not looking at an inertia-type rolling road you'll be able to steady state tune and do a good job. There is an accuracy/repeatability defecit in my experience with the roller but its quite minor.

Hope this is of some help to you.

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