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C125 motec dash

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I have installed a c125 motec dash and it is communicating fine i can change the desgin of the screen but the problem is that it only reads battery volt, nothing else! No rpm etc.. any suggestions what the problem is?


This is an incredibly broad question. You're going to need to configure the dash to first of all read the data that you want to display and to log. This data can be received via CAN from your ECU, directly via the inputs to the C125, or a combination of both. Once you have the data correctly received in the dash you can then display it.

I'd suggest you start by working your way through the webinars on Motec's website relating to data acquisition here: http://www.motec.com/webinars/webinararchive/#DataAcquisition


What ECU do you have it connected to? Have you installed the Communications templates for the ECU, and are they in the correct CAN messaging set?

Dependent on the ECU used, you may also have to change some of the channel names displayed in the Display Templates, If you can provide some more information, then I can help you.

I am using a motec m800 ecu and i am sure that the dash is communcating properly with the ecu! As i can send different configurations but the problem why it does not reqd anything other than car battery volt?


Have you installed the CAN templates into the ECU or Dash?

Maybe attach your M800 and C125 Config

Can you go into Connections | Communications and go to one of the CAN templates that you have installed, Click on the Edit Button and add into the Diagnostic Channel: window one of Comms CAN x Diag channels. Save the changes to the config, and then send it to the dash. Once this is done, and you have the ECU and Display powered up in a state that they would normally operate, go to Online | Monitor Channels... and scroll down to the Comms CAN x Diag channel and tell me what the value associated with that channel is. This will help point to where the issue is.

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