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Carberry Anti-Lag

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I’ve tuned a lot of aftermarket ECUs on rally race cars (so know anti-lag settings) but only tuned a few stock ECUs.

Just playing with Carberry and don’t understand the ALS settings. It seems the only ignition retard with ALS on is a 2D table called Base Timing Idle (Anti-Lag Conditions Met). Am I right in thinking this only applies ignition retard in ‘over-run’ conditions (i.e.) when the throttle is ‘closed’? Also is this an ‘absolute’ value or a value to be deducted from the main ignition map? I would have expected a 3d map for ignition retard as otherwise you can’t smooth the torque reduction out as you get back on throttle.

Where are the fuel cut tables? With ALS you almost always have fuel (and/or ignition) cut tables to control idle speed with kicked open throttle and ALS off and separate fuel limit tables to control heat and ‘push-on’ with ALS on. I can’t see any such tables in Carberry.

The ‘rotational idle’ I guess is inbuilt to the ROM and does the job of controlling idle speed once the throttle is kicked open but is there any adjustment to this? Also, it seems it’s an ignition cut not fuel cut? Is that right?

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