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I have a sort of odd question.

Here in the States we have Environmental Protections and restrictions on tampering with emissions related stuff on your car. So when I purchased my "new-to-me" 04 STi last year (2022) I was completely new to the whole tuning/mapping/modding culture as a whole and the very first thing I purchased was a Cobb Access Port.

This thing is still in its original box, unopened in the shipping packaging because as the months went by and as I did more research/watch videos I learned about Cobb's restrictions and "Green Speed" update (If You Know, You Know...) so I was afraid to install/marry it to my car.

I apologize for the long winded post by my question is:

Now that I know about open source tuning/self DIY modding/fixing my own car should I go ahead and install this Cobb Access Port to my car (what benefits would there be) instead of just learning and using RomRaider and/or ECU Flash on my own?

Do I really need this Access Port at all or should I just get rid of it?

Thanks y'all for reading my question!


So you can still tune with green speed update. If you have all EPA approved parts like TGV EGR CAT, ect... I have not personally test it without TGV and EGR delete if the car will run properly. (WITH A CODE) I have test it out with my personal racecar with out a CAT and it runs fine just with a code.

Disclaimer: Not a professional tuner, just spent a lot of time comparing options post green-speed.

AFAIK, there is no officially supported way for anyone who is not a cobb approved tuner to get ahold of accesstuner anymore. You may be able to find a copy out there somewhere that works with your car but there is no guarantee and you likely wont get much if any support from cobb. If you cant get accesstuner and you use the accessport you will need to find an approved tuner to tune it.

If you find your own copy of accesstuner somehow that works with your car you would gain the ability to real time tune, potentially more thorough ECU definitions compared to open source options, and an accessport with some decent functionality like gauges, multiple maps, etc. If the only accesstuner version you can get ahold of is post green speed then you would lose the ability to tune out codes for stuff like air-pumps, CAT codes, TGV, etc. on what I assume is your "race-car".

If you go open-source you lose the accessport with the gauges, real time tuning, and you rely on the open source community for accurate ECU definitions (granted they are probably well tested for an 04).

So in short, do you need it? Not really no but it has some nice features if you could somehow get it to work like it did pre-greenspeed.

This really helps, G, thank you!

I think I am going to go ahead and sell it and use the money for other mods, lol!



Rom Raider has all the gauges you need in real time.

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