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Correct use of Scatter Plots

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Just wondering how everyone is using scatter plots to help/adjust the tuning process.

I was thinking maybe to see the progress of boost, or knock or some solenoid DC over a WOT run or something similar?

I am not completely sure why use scatter plots instead of a log? Just because you can see the plot for a selected sequence in the log?

Also, considering this was already asked on hpa forum 4 years ago, can we get more insight into this?

Thank you

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nobody using them? :)

I typically use them to look for trends in large amounts of data. This screenshot shows bank-to-bank fueling differences from a 12+ hour long datalog, with low engine temperatures and transients being filtered out. Makes it really easy to make bank fuel trims instead of trying to look through all the data manually. Another super easy/important one is oil pressure vs RPM over a long track session.

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Scatter plots can be useful for finding trends in long data logs, like circuit racing. For instance, car you already tuned on the dyno drives on the track for the first time. You might want to quickly compare how the measured knock activity from the racetrack compares to what you saw on the dyno. Instead of trying to scroll through 10 minutes worth of datalogs, you build a plot showing RPM as the x-axis, knock as the y-axis, and maybe set the dot colors to change based on gear or engine load. You can use plots for short drag races too, fuel pressure vs MAP can be pretty useful. Boost vs RPM (with dot colors based on gear) is nice for manual transmission drag cars.

thank you guys for your input! Long data logs would make it easier indeed to visualize using scatter plots, especially for knock, fuel trims, fuel, and oil pressure. I would like to hear even more opinions on this since it's a very useful feature that can be used for precise tuning.

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