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Datalogging with " Datalogit " w/o Apexi Power FC

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I'm getting pretty proficient with EFI tuning these days and I thought I would try some old-school blow through carburetor style turbocharging. I have an old Apexi Power FC with the Datalogit + FC Edit for my gc8 & I was wondering if I could use the Datalogit / FC Edit without the apexi power FC? Using a tach signal, a MAP signal, TPS, and wideband signal on my carbureted car ? Has anybody used the Datalogit without the Apexi ecu as a standalone datalogger?

I have no idea if that could work but my gut says it won't. Given that the FC Datalogit connects via a small multi-pin connector to the PFC, I'll make the bold assumption that it's reading a data stream generated by the PFC rather than individual voltages on each pin.

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