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Hello guys. I am currently tuning my driver demand tables for better response and torque output. However, I am somewhat confused. I have three tables of driver demand. Map A, Map B and Map C. I honestly do not know what each map actually does. Especially Map B.

Map A and C have the exact same values maxing out at a value of 253. While Map B have much higher values, almost the double, maxing out at 516.

P.S by maxing out,I mean the highest value in the table at 100% pedal position and highest RPM.

Any help understanding this?

Best regards.

Any ideas?

Nothing at all? I really need to understand these tables.

It sounds like you're viewing the pedal to torque map that the driver demands based on the pedal position, engine RPM, and load. But post a picture of these maps so we can see exactly what you're talking about and see how the axis's are laid out.

Appreciate your reply. I attached the Map B in 3-D and 2-D as well as Map C ( the same as Map A). Noting that I use WinOls as my main software.

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Without axis definitions, that is certainly a puzzler. What ECU, and software are you using?

It is a Delco E83 ECU and I'm using WinOls along with the Damos of that specific software version. These are the driver demand tables. I believe the x axis is RPM or Speed and the Y-axis is the pedal position in percentage. However, what puzzles me is why Map B is double Map A and Map C.

I am also trying to understand the same thing on a Toyota Denso ecu, it has multiple maps for the fueling tables, each is similar but values / curve increases progressively in each table.

In general when i see these type of maps I speculate if each 'version' relates to :

1) High low octane correction/scaling?

2) Different driving modes like Normal vs Sport (in some vehicles)

3) Are some maps are used when AC (or other loads are active), or during limp/ protection / traction control active modes?

These are just my thoughts, i'm looking to learn about these approaches as well.