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Dyno Pit Cost

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I am wondering how much it cost you guys to have the dyno pit? I have been quoted $7500 and another one $20k.

The pit is for AWD dynojet so the pit is 15ftx15ft and 28in deep.

All depends on what part of the country you are in. Can they get tools in (i.e. back hoe), or is it going to be done by hand. Any idea what is under your slab?

I am in Minnesota. Most of the job will be by tool but might require some hands. The current floor is about 4” and it’s indoor so the ground is not froze.

We've had our pit done about 10 years ago, along with the building. Our pit was more expensive because we had to seal the pit against groundwater as we are located on a small hill.

So, it really depends on what the circumstances are.

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