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Dynojet 224xlc vs Mainline 2WD600L dyno

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Which dyno is better overall? both of them are load bearing dyno, but each one have its own design. Dynojet is single roller and mainline is double roller. I have not tried them personally , I am looking for an opinion from someone who have used them.

I have a double roller Mustang Dyno, and one thing that I don't like is that the car is sitting lower than the normal height it has been adjusted to when on the road. Maybe like 3 inches. So if you do a lot of very lowered car with agressive sideskirts/bodykits, or exhaust that are very low, you could have clearance issue. I had to raise a couple of cars to install them on the dyno. Also makes it a bit harder to strap.

But one thing I like is that I've never had issues with traction.

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