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E36 M50 turbo non vanus base map

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Hello, I have a bmw m50 engine upgraded to a turbocharged engine and a link monsoon ecu. The engine is fitted with 1 724 055 2 camshaft position sensor, while the m50 basemap with link has a hall effect cam positioning sensor this one seems to be a reluctor one.

I will be thankful if anyone either has such a basemap or the triggering setup of it

You can just change the sensor from hall to reluctor. You will need to confirm the polarity of the wiring is correct for a reluctor sensor and you will need to adjust the arming threshold table to suit - Usually the base table should get you up and running but you can use the trigger scope function to help set it correctly. i normally set the arming threshold to about 1/3 of the peak signal voltage at each rpm break point.