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Ecu master - Single Coil Distributor, Injector Phasing

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I have a Mk2 Ford Escort with a 2.0l Pinto, 1-3-4-2 firing order.

Ecu master Classic,

Running a : 36-1 crank trigger,

Jenvey Heritage itbs, with all four injectors wired to their own driver,

Single coil and Distributor,

I'd like to run semi sequential injection but I'm struggling to understand how to set this up as the Injector Phasing references Ignition Events, which I believe I have only one of.

Any help would be great.

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Hi Jacob,

Even with a single coil and distributor, you will have a coil firing event per cylinder. The difference when using a distributor is that you have a more restricted window to fire the coil in (as it can only fire the sparkplug if the rotor is in contact with the points)and you are using a single Ignition output on the ECU.

Thanks for your reply Stephan,

I don't think I've explained my issue properly, as I'm not concerned with Ignition Events at all, just the Injector Phasing which references Ignition events.

I guess what I'm asking is, How can I use semi sequential Injection, When I have 1 coil firing 4 times as often without the ECU knowing which cylinder the Ignition Event is occurring at.

I've added a picture to my original post of my current settings, which from my understanding results is all 4 injectors firing at every Ignition Event. i.e batch fire.

You don't know where in the 720 cycle you are but do in 360. Generally with most ecus that means you are making 2 injection events per engine cycle, and depending on your aims you may target one or other at a particular event in the cycle, maybe blow down or intentionally on the closed valve or even overlap depending on what you are doing.

Some systems may still let you run synchronous injection with only a 360 trigger (either dumb with 50% chance of your phasing being 360 degrees out) or by sensing crank acceleration (for firing configurations that don't alias like even fire 4 cyl) or you could add a pressure sensor to one runner for a 720 sync if you really want.

Shota MAKARASHVILI interesting thread, except the 1uz uses a cam sensor as well, which is bit different to my setup.

Michael Howes your first paragraph describes my understanding, and intention, although the implementation of this in the Ecu master Software isn't clear to me,

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