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emtron vs motec vs haltech

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Can some one list bros and cons for each ecu I have used Haltech elite before but how its compared to Emtron or let say Motec M1 ? The application is for street strip manual transmission car.

Each of them is only as good as the person setting them up and tuning them.

The Emtron and MoTeC M1 are a level up from the Haltech (Elite are closer to an M800) in features and functionality.

That's such a can of worms I'd be hesitant to even answer. I will agree that Emtron and Motec are more appropriate to compare eachother to over most of the Haltech offerings.

That said, I have and still do use all 3 and will continue to do so depending on the application.

So emtron and motec gives more details about what you want the ecu to do . What about sensor reading fluctuation ? for example one car I saw running haltech with sequential gearbox , the potentiometer ( used for gear position detection) was fluctuating a lot about 0.3 volt. Is that because of ecu not giving a steady 5 volt to the potentiometer or it is a wiring issue ?

I would suspect sensor selection or installation problems if you were seeing so much voltage changes.

For example, let's say the gearbox had a 3mm slot in the end of the shift indexing shaft, but the sensor was using a 1mm blade (and missing a spring or rubber spacer that would fill the gap). Now normal vibration would cause an angular change of a few degrees and that might equate to .3V.

All of the ECU brands you;ve mentioned have much better voltage resolution and regulation on the 5V supply. The voltage change isn't the ECU.

It isn't just about the ECU but also the support offered from the company itself, the dealer network and local tuners.

I moved from Pectel/Cosworth to Motec M1 mostly because of this.

In addition consider the software. I discounted a number of option because of the tuning AND data analysis software wasn't as feature rich or as easy to use as others.

What about ratio-metric correction for 5 volt supply, I haven't seen that in Haltech. Wont this help to stabilize sensor readings incase of volt supply fluctuation ? Haltech support is excellent but I haven't tried the others.

That becomes a combination of the overall Ratiometric compensation and the filtering applied to individual channels. Ideally the only time that the ratiometric compensations are applied will be in the case of a sensor failing that either pulls the 5V rail down, or leaks voltage onto the 0V rail and pulls that up.

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