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(EMU BLACK) - Motor stalls when touching throttle

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Hi all!

I have finally fired up my project after 3 years with a fresh brand new engine.

The motor cranks up and fires, however I am having problems with using the throttle pedal making break in impossible.

Once the car fires up and finds idle, if I put even the slightest throttle input the engine stalls.

I do not know what else to do, I am stumped and it's killing my nerves as I want to break in the motor correctly.

Attached is the Map and the logs.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Attached Files

The log does not show the engine stalling. It does however go down in RPM to about 1000 (from 1400-1500) as the MAP increases. Do you think the DBW is setup and working. Does the throttle blade open as you press the accelerator pedal? (you may have to turn off the DBW parameter "disable when no RPM", and maybe enable DBW Overrides "Movement Test".

I do not see the DBW position change when the MAP changes -- so I wonder if it's calibrated correctly.

The log doesn't seem to have any AFR or Lambda data, so I can't tell if it's a fueling problem.

I do see the ignition angle changes from 21 down to 18 degrees, I wouldn't think that would be enough to change anything, but have you verified that the commanded timing is the actual timing?

Hi David,

Thank you for your reply.

Lambda wasn't functioning correctly during first start, but I was verifying my AFRs with my PLX gauge.

DBW is working perfectly and calibrated. If you take a look at TPS, youll see earlier on in the log that any time it's applied, the motor would stall. I set the idle high manually afterwards to let the motor run in.

Any time the Idle State would change from ON to OFF, the motor would stall, if you have a second have a look at that one too please.

I have been told PID Control shouldn't be used with DBW.

I have verified the timing with a light.


Have you tried turning on the "EMU Compatibility" in the DBW Parameter tab?

When you said that you calibrated it, you used the DBW calibration tool in the EMU right? Not only be selecting the correct DBW in the wizard?