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Hello everyone!

I've been diving in the engine building/designing world for the past 2 years, and it really struck me a bit odd that I don't see more people using engine simulation software to design and tune their engines.

Granted, my needs are a bit particular (for example, we're using the Plex PCA-2000 and Optrand sensors to measure the in-cylinder combustion pressure etc), but these kinds of software are a *huge* help in predicting how your engine is going to change with a different intake/exhaust manifold design, turbo setup, cam profiles, and whatnot.

It seems to me more people would want to make educated changes, know the expected results, and be able to test dozens of setups before taking the plunge. So I'm curious, what is your personal reason for not using these kinds of software? Is it price? Complexity? Lack of awareness that these exist?

I would also love to hear from the HP Academy team. You guys obviously have a *ton* of experience and have used more or less everything under the sun. Have you ever used a software like that?


I have had performance trends Engine analyser pro for many years and have found it quite a useful tool and can give some good insights even without complete engine data. I dont use it that often but Im really just a hobbyist using it on my own stuff, not doing engines for a living. I dont know how it compares to the others you mention. It wasn't that expensive, around 400USD from memory.

I have done a couple of exhaust header designs with it that worked out very close to ideal when tested in real life. You do need good complete cyl head flow data and properly measured cam profile for a lot of it to work well. I have found it quite good for even basic stuff like "how far can I advance my intake cam before the valves will clash" or "will my valves springs take another 500RPM"...

Thanks Adam! I've seen Performance Trends' Engine Analyzer Pro on the web. It seemed to have a lot of features others didn't (and missed some others did, ofc), but I haven't used it.

I'm using EngMod4T because our engine has some custom things that Neels, its creator, was happy to custom-code for us. It was also $400, and I believe Dynomation, the other big contender in that budget range is about $600.

So, curious, you have a ton of exposure and experience in this industry, and you seem to see value in these for yourself, so in your opinion why isn't everyone using these?

Smart guys are using all the tools available. I know several pro engine builders that spend a lot of timing trying things virtually before assembling hardware.

I'm using Engine analyzing pro but many other guys were telling me that Lotus program is more accurate but a bit more difficult to use.

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