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Engine start without exhaust manifolds

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Hi all

Just after an opinion on whether it would be "safe" to run an engine without exhaust manifolds for a few seconds. The exhaust ports are about 10 inches from the firewall which is painted and covered in fibreglass reflective stick on shield.

Ideally I would like to check that the engine starts OK before shipping the car off to get the manifold and system made. That way the fabricator can check for leaks etc before handing the car back.

Never done it before, thought I would ask.

Hi Denis,

Can you put something sacrificial between the ports and the firewall, ideally something fire resistant like a thin alloy or steel sheet, but a piece of thin plywood should suffice for a short period? This would protect the painted part of the engine bay from direct contact with the exhaust gases.

I do it all the time. As mentioned put a piece of aluminum or steel sheet in front of the exhaust ports.

Cheers all, will give it a go with the shield idea.

And video the results!

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