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Eq ratio error at idle. Please Help!

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So my issues is from cold starts. I watched my eq ratio error go from 15% lean all the way to zero as the car is warming up. My commanded eq ratio is doing what I want it to do. From 86 degrees its commands .86 at 104 it commands .90 at 122 it commands .94 and at 158 its commands 1.0. And I have watched my scanner track that trend in the commanded eq ratio. My issues is the eq ratio stays at 1.0 on my wideband throughout the entire warm up cycle. Once the engine reaches about 160 the error is zero. I do not want to adjust my VE cause at operating temperature its dialed in for idle. Are there any table that are adders for the VE during the post startup until the engine reaches normal operating temperature? How can I get my eq ratio to match the commanded eq ratio in post startup?

First up it sounds like you're on the right track - When you're dialling in your VE (or MAF) calibration, this needs to be done at normal operating temperature. I don't have my tuning laptop with me right now so i can't guide you to the specific table however there are some adder tables that modify the fuel based on IAT and ECT. I'd suggest you try adjusting the ECT adder in the areas you're having issues. I'm back in the country in a couple of days so will be able to help more if you're still stuck.

Do those adders adjust the commanded eq ratio or are they going to actually adjust the fuel. Its already commanding a richer afr when it's cold it's just the not be reflected in the wideband and there is no other way to read the Rq ratio. The OLFA is set to 1.15 commanding .85 at 86 degrees my wideband reads 1.0 the ECT adder is adding or trying to add .30 which I dont think is happening cause that would be wicked rich for that temp.