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Erratic tps only on link ecu

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Hey guys, I recently got my 1990 z32 started on my link g4x and went for a test drive, I have found out that only when I have the link ecu, the tps fluctuates. But with the original ecu, not one problem. Is there something different in the link software that's doing this?

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It is likely a worn TPS, you can see it is only noisy around the 5-15% range which is the usual spot the track gets worn from old age. At idle and WOT the voltage is stable. The other possibility could be a broken internal spring or backlash on the D drive I guess.

The difference with the stock ECU is probably a slow update rate so you cant see the problem.

Pic below shows the raw voltage on the input pin is bouncing around the same as the TPS value.

I have noticed there is a throttle sensitivity setting, would that help out? It's on 10.0 at the moment, I do have a spare tps I can try, I just find it weird that the stock ecu is perfectly fine and still responsive

Also it is manual if that changes anything, even though you probably could tell from the log

The only sensitivity setting I can think of is for accel enrichment, this is nothing to do with the TP measurement.

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