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Fresh RB25/30 start up!

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Good morning guys!

So, here's my conundrum. My tuner Shannon from Tune Corp has adjusted an rb25 base map to get my RB30DET started up for the first time.

Its got oil pressure, fuel pressure (40psi) and it's ready to go but just won't start.

The tuner seems to be very busy and I'm very impatient can someone help and look at my map?

here's my build:

RB25 head (no vct)

RB30 bottom end A8 s2

Ross racing pistobns 9.0.1 cr

spool rods

balanced etc

standard cas sensor

link G4+ Fury

Raceworks 2200cc injectors

272 camtech cams

spool spline billet oil pump gears 25 pump

twin surge 450lph pumps & 255 lift pump

Flex fuel sensor (currently 98 in the tank for first start)

No coolant in there currently (just gonna start it get it up to temp and kill it then tow it to the tuners dyno).

Thanks! (ill attach the tune below)

Here is the map:

Attached Files

Ok I see a couple of things. Aux 5 is labelled "coil relay" and Aux 6 is labelled "injector relay", it is pretty odd to have these controlled by the ECU but assuming they have actually been wired like this then it is not going to work with the current settings on those aux outputs. They are currently set to turn on when the ignition switch is on but there is no input assigned as ignition switch so they are never going to turn on. I suggest you set Aux 5 & 6 to "Test (On)" for now, they will then just turn on injectors and coils whenever the ecu is powered up (dont forget to do a store after making changes).

One other thing I noticed that is not going to stop it running but needs to be fixed is there are two outputs assigned to ISC Solenoid, Aux 7 & Injector 7. It wont work correctly like this - only one can be assigned. You need to find out which one it is wired too and turn off the other.

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