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Fuel tank-pressure compensation tuning.

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Hey Andre, i haven't heard you mention anything about setting up a fuel-tank-pressure compensation table. Whats the go with this?

There's a good reason you haven't heard about this - I've never done it :)

I'll admit it isn't something I've given any thought to at all, but on the face of it I'm not sure I see much reason to do it. All OE tanks use a vent system that should relieve or eliminate pressure via the charcoal canister. On most aftermarket fuel systems there is a vent to atmosphere or similar so my gut feel is there shouldn't be a significant pressure in the tank during operation.

Are you assuming a relationship between fuel tank pressure and a change in fuel rail pressure? If so I'd be more inclined to go straight to the source and measure fuel rail pressure. If you're doing this, many current ECUs will take the fuel pressure into account with their fuel model as well, calculating the change in differential pressure and hence the theoretical change in injector flow.

Oh yeah... silly me.

Glad we cleared that up :)