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Group N Antilag using Link G4+ Storm

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Hey guys, Using Link G4+ Storm I've set up few cars group N anti lag system but unfortunately owners of the cars love the sound of bangs more than the function of the anti lag it self, because the more loud the anti lag bangs the more points you get in drift championships held in our region.

I've reached good results but there is a dyno center in Jordan also using Link G4+ ECUs makes anti lag setups extremely loud like hell, and also the rev limiter is soooooo loud

I tried screwing throttle in many positions varying from 15% TPS to 40% TPS

I tried retarding ignition in anti lag retard table from -10 to -100 degrees

And for the rev limit I've tried retarding to -15 (max retard on G4+) and tried increasing limit control range and decreasing it, i tried even to set start cut to 0% and end cut 30% and Hard limit activation after variable RPMs to make the engine reach the Hard limit but never get even close to that Ears' bleeding loudness done by those people

So how could i achieve that extremely loud BANGS in limiter and anti lag?

Video of their work as an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iywwgTioQlM

What fuel are you using? I've seen that video before, never realised it was a drift car.

When you say you've tried -10 --100, is this degrees absolute, degrees differential, or as a percentage? I'll need to look at the software options again.

This was done using no anti-lag settings, just negative 10 in the over run area of the ignition map https://m.youtube.com/?gl=IN#/watch?list=PLE2DA825145D71616&v=TpbPDl6-PKA

There was also no throttle Jack and only a small amount of additional fuel added, hence the blue flames

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