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GTR Link G4 Air conditioning compressor kicks in and stays on

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Have just installed a G4 plugin into my R34 rb26 Skyline. Have gone through all the initial setups and have the car running and driving sweet. The problem im having is, a few seconds after starting the engine, the air conditioning compressor kicks in and stays on. The Air Con button on the dash has no effect on the compressor whatsoever. Switching it from A/C ON to A/C OFF does nothing, neither does turning the climate system off all together. its ice cold all the time, and the engine is loaded up from the compressor constantly. Is there an option im missing here somewhere in the settings?

BTW I SWITCHED THE aux3 AC CLUTH polarity (high) to have the ac work properly but the weird thing is that the air conditioning compressor kicks in and stays on all the time even when the ignition key is off and it sucks all the battery life

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try rewiring the relay from constant 12V to ignition switched 12V, that should do.

Thanks for the Tip Andy! I took 12V source from the Injectors power supply also found this diagram that made things much easier

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the error im facing now is with the A/C AUX or DI set up! switched aux3 AC CLUTH polarity (high) to have the ac work with proper cooling .

Right now it is as follows:

DI4: Air Con Request Pullup Resistor - ON On Level - HIGH

AUX3: Polarity - HIGH

Clutch Release - TP (MAIN) SW OFF Value - 90 Clutch Delay - 0.3s

Does this look correct to you? Im starting to wonder if it does need to be changed (even though it is working) because im having trouble with the idle when the button is pressed. its reversed. Press the A/C button and the idle drops to 700rpm, then will jump back up. And when its switched off again, the revs shoot up to 1200rpm and stays there. I would expect that to be opposite.

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