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Hard to hit cycle lock

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Currently, I am working on diesel engine tuning with an MoTeC diesel M142 ECU. I completed wiring and installation part. But ECU is unable to cycle lock. It requires so many cranking for hitting the cycle lock. Because of, some problems like: ECU is indicating “noise” and "missed tooth" in the engine speed reference diagnostic. I changed the narrow pitch threshold to the minimum (40%), less than 40%, its indicting "invalid narrow pitch threshold".

After so many crank, some time hit the cycle lock. But in running condition, ECU is continuously showing "rejected pulse" in engine speed pin diagnostics. I tried my best, but problem is not resolved yet.

Please find relevant files in the attachment. I request you to help me in sorting out this critical problem.

Thanks in advance.

Attached Files

You have a VR sensor on the crank so you need to set the "Engine speed pin pullup control" to off. Also, your input capture shows the crank is wired to produce a rising edge signal so you need to change "Engine Speed Pin Active Edge" to rising.

After changing these setting the timing will change so you will have to check your reference offset again.

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