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Help! - No Start, has fuel, spark, compression....

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Hi guys, first post, hopefully you can guide me.

ECU: MS2/Extra V3.57

Engine: L28ET (with DIYautotune 12-1 trigger wheel in distributor)

Ignition: Distributor

Fueling: 370lph, 40psi, 370cc low-impedance injectors.

Issue: Currently I have no start. I can crank, test spark and fuel injector outputs, I set the timing with a light to match the ECU. PWM control on injectors for low impedance.

I will get a few pops/bangs from exhaust while cranking. Not much else, no real "catching" moment where the RPM rises significantly.

What should I be checking? Something mechanical or something in my tune? I will attach the tune, also a link below on a place you can view the tune without TunerStudio since I know not everyone has it. A log .jpg is a attached too.

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Hello I would take an educated guess and say your ignition timing is 360 deg out move the offset 360 deg so if your offset is 90deg then adjust it to -270

this will make it fire on the opposite stroke

regards Ross

About to suggest exactly the same thing!

You wouldn't be the first, and you won't be the last.

I will check also the trigger wheel isn't upside down. I just remembered that is possible as well, but I think that only effects cam sync (not using, batch fire)

My trigger tooth #1 angle is 340 right now (technically lines up with the timing mark, but like you both said, could be 360* out).

Tunerstudio won't let me use a negative number BTDC, could I add 360* as well to use 700* BTDC? Should be the same as -20*?

Yes, you have to add 360 degrees - obviously it can't be a negative number as the ECU counts from the trigger - it can't anticipate it. That's why the trigger is usually on the exhaust stroke, so it's easy to establish the timing and there is less chance of getting into synch' issues