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Help with ford 1l tuning on motec m1

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Hi All,

Im new here but posting on behalf of the University of Wisconsin-Plattville SAE Clean snowmobile challenge team. We have implemented a ford 1.0 in our snowmobile for compitition. Because the challenge is for clean snowmobiles we want to be clean and still made as much power that is why we picked this engine. We would like to get the stock ford cam phasing on our motec ecu. I am wondering if we got a hp tunners if we would beadle to see the cam pashing maps off a stock car?

Thanks in advance,


What package are you using in the M1? In the GPA & GPR packages the cam control tables are limited to a single table with RPM Vs MAP as the axes. I expect the Ford OEM ecu would have used something far more sophisticated for cam control so unless you are going to use development/build package to create your own firmware I doubt the maps out of a stock ecu will be of any use to you.

You'd be able to see the stock cam phasing in the HP Tuners software, however the way the Ford ECM works is very different to the MoTeC M1 and you don't have the same reference for the cam target maps. This would make it hard to apply the cam timing out of the stock Ford ECM. An option however that might be worthwhile if you can run the engine on the factory ECM would be to set up a histogram in the VCM Scanner software with the same break points as your MoTeC M1 cam target map and log cam position while operating the engine at a variety of load and rpm points.

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