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Hey guys, I have D16Y7 Turbo project. I have Rover 820Turbo D3181GB MJY0023 380cc @ 3bar 16.5 to 18ohms injectors. How should i tune it on Crome or Ectune? Phisicaly injectors fit in my manifold. How should i tune that injectors? Thanks

A quick google suggests that the D16Y7 stock injector is 195 cc. If the software allows then you can adjust the injector size directly by entering the size of the new injector (ideally you also want dead time data to enter too). Alternatively if the software doesn't allow this then you can simply apply a correction to the fuel table. If you divide the stock injector size by the new injector size you'll get a factor you can apply - 195/360 = 0.51. Multiply the entire fuel table by 0.51 and you should be close enough to get up and running but you'll still need to fine tune the fuel table to get your target AFR.