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I would like to use hp tuners to tune my Holden Colorado 2.8 with a Delco E98 ecu, has anyone here done one?

I have the software and found a stock tune file on the Web to have a look at there is what seems like100s of tables. They are broken down into low, medium and high altitude and then mode 1,A B C etc.

So is it hard to tune one of these and how may of the tables do you need to edit?


Our soon to be released Practical Diesel Tuning will be ideal for you (actually you may want to start with our Diesel Tuning Fundamentals first -

In general terms what you're going to need to do is increase the fuel delivery as well as the boost pressure in order to create a larger combustion event without an excessively rich mixture. There's a lot to diesel tuning that you need to understand such as the relationship between fuel mass, injection timing, and injection pressure.

Our new course is hopefully going to be released prior to the end of the year and while we don't have a worked example on the Colorado, there's enough information for you to be able to get a good result.

Hi Andre

Thanks for the reply, I have done the Fundamentals course and have been waiting on your next diesel course patiently. Will you be using HP Tuners in the new course?