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Ignition settings Nissan coil on plug

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Hi I am putting a Nissan micra k11 cga3de engine in an mg midget.

I am using an autronic sm4 ecu to run it.

Would anyone be able to help me with the ecu settings for the ignition

The original engine has coil on plug

Are these “dumb coils”?

if so what would be the charge time?

will they be failing edge triggered?

-ve edge (dwell)?

What would the dwell vs voltage table look like?

Thanks for all the help!


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Yes those are dumb coils, you will need to wire in a 4 channel external ignitor to drive them or replace them with a modern coil with built-in ignitors. In both cases the correct setting is -ve edge, and use the 12V 2.00ms setting to start with and only increase if you have a misfire under load.

Hi Adam - thanks for the reply - any particular modern coils that are recommended?

Over here the go-to COP coils are either Toyota 1NZ/2ZZ/yaris, Honda K20 or the common VAG "R8" coils depending on length etc you have to play with. All of these are available at relatively low cost for decent brands - often similar to what it would cost for a 4ch ignitor.

Since you are in the UK, probably the VW ones will be the easiest to find, for example search "06E905115F".

Thanks Ben - will get measuring!

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