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In search of oem data for my mazda rx7 fd3s

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Hey guys and gals. Would like to aquire the dead times for my rx7 fd3s 850cc factory sidefeed injectors please. Any help appreciated


I always replace them with Injector Dynamics myself, but in a pinch it looks like I started from these values once:

14V 1.0

12V 1.2

10V 1.35

Please do not treat those values as correct. It looks like I just used them to get an engine running while waiting for ID injectors. Hopefully someone will have a better answer for you.

If running Motec, they have lots of Densos characterized so perhaps they have the data, otherwise you could work with Motec to characterize them.

We don't actually have that many side feeds characterised, as most people pull them out and replace them with a top feed.

Alex, do you have the part number for the injectors?

OEM's have a habit of changing things like injectors during the production cycle and you can end up with quite different injectors through the life of the engine. BMW is good at this, changing back and forth between Piezo and Solenoid DI injectors during the production cycle, as well as Saturated and Peak Hold injectors.

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