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Info on EVO 8 ECU

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Hello Ben!

I own a workshop in Italy where I build evos and jdm cars.

Currently I’m building and evo 8, but I’m struggling to find a solution for the ECM.

I wrote to Link ecu several time with no answer. Now I’m trying with Aem.

Based on your experience, can you address me to an ecu that can support 4 Egt sensors and 4 lambda, and a knock control ? I will need them as engine protection as well if it’s possible and not only for datalog. The client also hate to have gauges all over the car, but he doesn’t want a race can dash too.

Does aem infinity support this feature?

Thanks a lot for your support and time.


Hi Giovanni, Im sorry you had no reply form Link, normally those queries will come to one of us in tech support and I have searched our email system with no record of your name coming up. So it seems we never received a query from you?

In any case, if you want more info about the Link options you can email me directly - My email is adam@linkecu.com.

Briefly, the Link plug-in ECU can do most of what you ask, for 4 EGTs and 4 Lambda's you would be best to input these over CAN, our ecu's can work with most 3rd party EGT amplifiers and Lambda controllers. Knock control requires nothing extra. We dont have a built-in function for Engine protection based on Lambda but you could possibly do it with some of the GP limiters.

Hi Giovanni, it looks like Adam has given you a pretty comprehensive answer there. We ran Link pnp ECUs on several of our EVO street and circuit cars, as well as one of our drag cars which made around 530 kW atw. Provided you add your additional requirements via CAN there's really no reason to go with a wire in unless you specifically want to create a new harness or add a lot of additonal sensors beyond the EGT and lambda you've listed.

Thanks a lot !

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