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Injector choice on 2JZ-GTE BPU Supra

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Hi guys..

I have a Mk4 Supra, it has the basic performance mods, intake, exhaust, FMIC, Boost up to 1.2bar. Car still has stock turbos.

Due to the very rich OEM & Mines Mapped ECU's I have, and 95 pump fuel, I want to fit a standalone to enable flex fuel.

My choice of ECU is the Haltech Elite 2500.

My question revolves around the injector choice, I have 2 options.

Option 1 - Bosch 980cc top feed, these will need a new fuel rail, FPR and accompanying lines.

OPtion 2- Sard 800cc Side feed, these are drop in to the factory rail, no FPR required either.

Cost wise they are similar.

Question 1: Is there any issue with running side feed injectors and ethanol? I cannot seem to find anyone using anything other than top feed.

Question 2: Will 800cc be restrictive for the setup I have in my car?

Any help is appreciated.


personally I wouldn't use SARD injectors, nor any type of side feed. In my opinion it's worth the hassle going with a top feed style injector and getting either ID's oder Bosch EV14's

Why do you say that?

I've used SARD injectors with no trouble in the past but they probably wouldn't be my first choice either. SARD don't actually make these injectors (neither do the likes of HKS) and if memory serves correctly they are a Denso injector. From a cost and convenience perspective they will be hard to beat. These injectors however aren't a modern design and hence when compared to an EV14 injector you're likely to find that they offer a higher latency and almost certainly worse linearity in the short pulse width area of operation. This may make the engine a little fussier to tune at idle and very light throttle cruise.

The requirements for the Haltech Elite in terms of injector characterisation aren't too complex but it's worth mentioning that you're unlikely to get full characterisation data for the SARD injectors where as numerous suppliers can provide this for an EV14 based injector.

Thanks Andre, this is the kind of info I need..

The other advantage with the Bosch is there is local supply, so some back up at least in case there are issue. The SARD is an order out of Japan.

The Bosch will cover me for future mods as well, I guess I rather spend the money on it now.

Thanks for the help.

Andre answered the question way better, than I ever could ;)

Didn't know that they were Denso's, but I can confirm, tuning them unter very light load and idle was very fiddly.

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