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Re: Hallo. Looking for your latency for id1700's for subaru. I have thrown everything at the car and the idle refuses to run at 14.7. it idles at 12.2 with -25% correction. Cruise on vacuum and wot are fine.

post your calibration file, that will make it much easier for someone to help you. Also a bit more detail would help.

What is your idle rpm? Big size injectors are known to make troubles at low engine load due to non-linear flow...

I'm not sure what ECU you're using but here you go:


Click on the 'slope & offset v pressure' and remember that the information provided is in microseconds, not milliseconds so don't forget to add that decimal.

This, in my opinion, is the reason to spend money on ID injectors (I'm somewhat dubious of the claim that they're functionally any better than standard Bosch injectors, but that's another topic altogether). Hope this helps.