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Injector PW Drop mid pull

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I am tuning a 3sgte with a link G4+ Extreme PNP.

I am having a weird issue that happens occasionally, at the moment it only seems to happen on the first pull after warming up the engine, when the intake temps are still cold.

during the pull i could feel it sharply lose power a couple times in quick succession. Checking the logs showed the Injector duty cycle dropping sharply a couple times. the first drop seems to be from the accel enrichment turning off, but the second drop I can't figure out what is causing it.

I noticed that when the Duty cycle drops the second time I've noticed the "Air per cylinder Estimate" drops by half; the same as the injector dc. as far as I know that is calculated from the IAT and MAP, during this period those 2 values are consistent. Is there another value that could be affecting it?

Maybe there is something else obvious that I am overlooking.

I have attached the log file as well as my tune file.



Attached Files

I replied to your similar post on the Link forum. I will put a link here for anyone else curious: http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/9617-air-per-cylinder-estimate-random-change/

Hey Cameron, I referred your post to Adam as I had a reasonable look through everything and couldn't see a logical explanation for the issue. Please keep us updated if you get a resolution to this.


In the link forum thread Adam linked to he has been able to clearly explain what was going on and offered a corrected firmware!

Thanks for your help!

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