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Hello, we purchased a LM-2 to use in conjunction with hp tuners. I find that the reading on the tool is very good, steady and accurate. However the analog 1 output is very jumpy and voltage output is wrong therefore the hp tuners log of AFR is reading high by 2.0 points approx and very erratic. I used the transform in Hp tuners. I hook up my innovate MTX gauge in my car to the same input on HP tuners and it’s rock solid.

Seems like Innovate does not have a solution for the LM2. Now they are owned by auto meter had have no old staff available.

Can anyone help me or did I buy junk that I can’t use on our Dyno?


The analogue outputs of the LM2 are a differential output, so have a +ve and a -ve, and you need to read the voltage between them. Does the HP Tuners have a differential input? If not, wire the analogue output -ve wire of the LM2 to the same ground the HP Tuners is using and see if that helps.

Hey thanks Zac, if I understand you correctly I should ground the analogue negative to Chassis ground. The hp interface has a positive and negative connnection for external inputs, I have them hooked up and also ran a ground wire to the chassis from the negative connection. No change. I am at a loss.

Did you originally have the positive and negative inputs on the HP tuners interface hooked to the positive and negative inputs on the LM2?

Hi Zac, yes positive to pin one on HP Tuners and neg to Pin five. Used transform to set up.

What I don’t get is my innovate MTX-l in my car is dead on.

I think the problem is with the innovate, the voltage output does not match the settings in the innovate, plus it looks like a earthquake on the meter. I even slowed down the polling in the innovate to the slowest setting.

I read that this is a common issue.

Thanks again

That's really disappointing to hear, as the LM2 is meant to be their professional level product. I had one of their LC1's many years ago, and I remember the analogue output on that requiring some fettling to get dialled in. I wonder if they're use the same digital to analogue circuitry (or lack of...) inside the LM2 and its not up to the task. We do actually have one here (an LM2), but I havent had a play with it as of yet. If I get a chance in the next couple of weeks I might plug it in and have a look at its analogue output signal.

I am new to this stuff, so I hope I am doing something wrong. It top it off Autometer now Owens Innovate and they don’t have a clue about the tool. They have no one from the old company left.

Let me know how you make out maybe I got a defective unit.


I just had this issue last week .. the readings in the HPTuners log didn't trace at all to what I've been seeing on the LM-2 handheld, even though I've used the same grounds and made sure the outputs on the LM-2 were exactly what HPTuners or respectively the VCM Scanner was expecting.

Didn't really have the time to experiment on that customers car, so my temporary solution was to be as accurate as possible with the record button and work through LogWorks and VCM Scanner combined.

That did it's job, yet I'm still not happy at all with practically no solution.

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