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Issues M54B30 with ecumaster emublack

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hi everyone, i have a problem on my m54b30. I am attaching the changes below.

-M54B30 with intake manifold M50 with modify on rail for ori injectors

-Ecumaster Emublack

-Base map M54B30 stock

The car starts but runs on 5 cylinders. sometimes the 5th does not start, sometimes the 6th I think I have some problem on the file. could someone help me run it at 6?

Attached Files

i'm attaching the log.

Attached Files

log at idle

Attached Files

If it's consistently playing up on one, or two, cylinder(s), that I'd suggest making sure they are fixed first, as it may not be a 'tune' problen, as such, but an ignition, injector and/or wiring issue.

With ecu ori the car start at 6 cyl.

You can do an output test on the Black software. Try doing all 6 injectors and ignition coils and make sure nothings wrong wiring or hardware wise first

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